In 2008, Film Score Monthly president, Lukas Kendall, invited fans to step away from their computer screens to actually meet one another. That first gathering in ‘08 was small in numbers, and grew dramatically in attending fans for the next gathering in 2009.  It was that ’09 gathering that drew Peter Hackman to L.A. That ’09 event was Hackman’s first opportunity to actually talk film music with other like-minded fans, and ignited his commitment to continuing that fan opportunity.  Unless you live in or around Los Angeles, you may go years, possibly your whole life, without ever having a single person to talk face to face about the greatest type of music there is, film music.

Lukas Kendall’s hectic schedule of releasing truly outstanding music did not allow him to continue his leadership commitment to the annual fan gathering, and Hackman was delighted to carry the torch that Kendall had began a couple of years earlier.

Fans of Film Music was formed in 2010.  Hackman, with the help of many L.A. based friends, was able to persuade seven Hollywood composers and two soundtrack labels to come and chat with some die-hard fans about film music at that first ’10 gathering.

Hackman’s opening speech touched the heart of the group’s commitment:

“Whether you compose the music or buy it, we are all fans of film music.”



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